Our population health solutions span patient safety, hospital quality, population health management, clinical analytics and strategic planning.

Population Health Decision Support (PHDS)

Are you certain how the healthcare needs of your community are changing and what options are available to maximize care outcomes given available resources?


Imagine exploring all your organization’s information while being presented with every question that can be asked and every answer that’s available in your information, using your experience and intuition to discover actionable insights…now. 

PHDS Platforms 

  • Acute Care Analytics and Reporting Solutions: strategic planning, disparities and equity, business development 
  • Risk Based Contracting Solution: health plans, health systems and MSO’s 
  • Patient safety: Advanced analysis and reporting of data and root cause analyses stored in event reporting systems. 

Population Health Decision Support (PHDS)


Determine how practices and providers compare in terms of expenditures and utilization in accordance with risk scores across the care continuum. 


Identify the patients (sorted by relative risk and actual utilization patterns) with specific diseases and comorbidities who will benefit from care coordination strategies. 

Disparity and Equity

Stratify your patient/member population for health outcomes by race, ethnicity, age, homelessness, behavioral health and other important categories to quickly identify disparities and evaluate mitigating options. 

Risk Stratification

Discover the at-risk patients, and their precise correlates that serve as key risk predictors of utilization. 

Post-Acute Utilization

Sort the practices and providers with the highest post-acute utilization, re-admissions and ED visits, and determine which hospitals and post-acute providers show the highest expenditures and services. 

Practice Performance/Attribution

Reduce patient churn by identifying practices with the highest percentage of patients not seen YTD, and which patients should be scheduled immediately. 


Optimize utilization by boosting alignment and preventing leakage across all service lines and providers while identifying specific referral patterns. 

Patient Safety

Guidance through patient safety data and narrative reports to patterns and insights that are difficult and time consuming to identify using the canned analytics provided by incident reporting systems. 

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Organizations are unaware of the hidden cost of information, and the time and capital required to discover valuable information. SpeedTrack constantly strives to maximize insights per dollar spent. They are frustrated by expensive, hard to understand software that doesn’t deliver…

SpeedTrack’s information navigation technology™ incorporates the institutional knowledge and experience of your organization to reveal valuable insights at a fraction of the time and cost of other business intelligence solutions. 

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