Case Study

Shasta Regional Medical Center Solves Leakage and Provides Needed Care


Shasta Regional Medical Center used SpeedTrack’s population health platform to:  

  1. Shasta Regional Medical Center
  2. 226 Bed Acute Care Hospital 
  3. Redding California 
  4. CEO, Casey Fatch


Patients that leave a hospital’s service area to receive scheduled services at hospitals location outside of the service area (leakage) is an issue that all hospitals face. The problem is compounded by the lack of comprehensive readily usable specific intelligence. Ideally the intelligence includes:

  • Where patients live by zip code 
  • The specific services received and when 
  • The hospitals providing the services, and where they are located 
  • The insurance details of the patients 


The CEO at Shasta Regional, Casey Fatch, had used SpeedTrack’s population health decision support (PHDS) subscription service at other hospitals over the last 10 years to solve strategic problems. Using PHDS, Shasta Regional was able to quantify significant leakage of patients to hospitals 150 miles away. In some cases, patients were making 3 round trips for a total of 900 miles of excess travel to receive care. 

Results and Benefits: Shasta has started multiple programs to meet care needs and better serve the community. As an example, PHDS revealed a community need for Trans Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedures. Since identifying this, Shasta Regional has exceeded projected TAVR volume by 130% through June 2023. 

The local community now has a convenient place to receive care, and Shasta Regional Medical Center has the busiest and most efficient program in Northern California. 

Why SpeedTrack?

Organizations today are unaware of the hidden cost of information, the time and capital required to discover valuable information in their data resulting in fewer insights per dollar. They are frustrated by expensive, hard to understand software that doesn’t deliver…

SpeedTrack’s information navigation technology™ incorporates the institutional knowledge and experience of your organization to reveal valuable insights at a fraction of the time and cost of other business intelligence solutions. 

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