Harness your experience and intuition in a collaborative journey to actionable insights.

The Hidden Cost of Information

How much time, effort, and capital does your organization invest in capturing the information you need now? 

A mountain of data is only as valuable as the insights it conceals.

Your organization’s insights are one of your most valuable assets. 

SpeedTrack 2.1 Information Guidance Technology™


All that’s required is the inherent knowledge of the user. It’s the experience of people that SpeedTrack uses to expose the most relevant information, not an algorithm designed by someone that is not familiar with the context of your immediate need. 


As the name suggests, information guidance technology is lightning fast because it’s built in a way that morphs the shape of information in real-time, eliminating the cost of time-consuming programming and query writing. 


Seamlessly incorporating the user’s experience in discovery is the most efficient and effective way to ensure the most relevant insights


Collaborative interaction between people and the system is key to SpeedTrack technology. Rather than depending on third-party engineering to interpret your information requirements, the system reacts to your needs in real-time, enabling teams to efficiently explore options and solve problems. 

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“Our mission is to create solutions that guide the curious and data-driven to the best answers - simply, and affordably.”

Jeff Pratt, CEO SpeedTrack Inc.

Why SpeedTrack?

Organizations are unaware of the hidden cost of information, and the time and capital required to discover valuable information. SpeedTrack constantly strives to maximize insights per dollar spent. They are frustrated by expensive, hard to understand software that doesn’t deliver…

SpeedTrack’s information navigation technology™ incorporates the institutional knowledge and experience of your organization to reveal valuable insights at a fraction of the time and cost of other business intelligence solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide affordable, easy to use information analytics solutions for healthcare.  Specifically, subscription solutions for:

    1. Market analytics and strategic planning,
    2. Population health for health plans, MSO’s and employee health plans,
    3. Patient disparities and equity analysis and reporting,
    4. Patient safety analytics and reporting.

Our proprietary software is extremely efficient and relatively easy to maintain.  This combination allows us to deliver industry-leading solutions at a fraction of the cost of other software providers.

No. Unlimited training is included with your subscription.  In addition, our customer web site contains a host of short videos designed to provide instruction on most use cases.

Support is included with your subscription.

Simply, yes. 

Absolutely.  We have been delivering HIPPA compliant solutions for 8+ years, comply with some of the industry’s most discriminating security reviews, and have never experienced a data breach.

Access True Information Integrity

Imagine exploring all of your healthcare organization’s information by clicking a mouse, being presented with every question that can be asked and every answer that’s available in your information as you explore, using your experience and intuition to discover actionable insights…without waiting hours or days for a report.

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