What is a moonshot?

Moonshot [moon-shot] :

Big, hairy, audacious solutions which can transform industries and dramatically improve the way we live by solving seemingly impossible problems.

ENIGMA Totally Secure Data Protection for the Cloud

SpeedTrack's technology eliminates many of the structural barriers that have prohibited the use of large disparate data that can solve a variety of problems which are preventing significant advancements in drug discovery, public safety, healthcare, databases, business intelligence / analytics, document searches and Internet search / shopping to name a few.

SpeedTrack is seeking business and individuals that are not afraid to take on the most difficult problems and partner with us to do the impossible.

Genomics/Life Sciences

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma have not been cured even though $125B+ has been spent by pharma and researchers, simply because they have been using the wrong approach. Our patented discovery methods accelerate the research process and therefore the cure. SpeedTrack is exploring the use of its technology to perform full genomic sequence comparisons across a large number of DNA sequences generated through clinical trials thus enabling discovery of correlations which will enable pharma and genomic researchers to find cures faster AND profitably allowing them to address a wider variety of diseases. SpeedTrack is searching for advanced thinkers who believe a new method can be applied to genomics which is software driven with the ultimate end goal of utilizing all of the know test data to accelerate clinical trials and the discovery of cures for the most deadly diseases.


There can be no total breach or global destruction of the data even if the entire data is exposed. The hosting facility can be breached and data stolen without any loss of security.


The Enigma method provides for fast searches and analytics to be performed unlike current encryption methods which dramatically slow down searches and analyses because they have to decrypt the data every time a search needs to be performed.


Low cost, easily deployed and ideally suited for devices regardless of CPU capability, i.e. mobile devices.

We anticipate launching this for cloud based data services who want to make data reports, searches, dashboards and other analytics available to their customers and outside staff without having any intranet exposure to security breaches.

To prove Enigma to the world, we want to conduct a challenge security hack contest to prove that the coding method is virtually impenetrable.