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Data Migration and Legacy Retirement Solutions

Legacy Data Re-purposing
SpeedTrack can handle data migration needs at a fraction of the cost of the competition and in record time. When changing from a legacy database to a new database we can help you maintain access for search and analysis to both old and new data through a GIA Platform while you begin using the new database. We can also work out the business rules for handling unique data formatting issues and enable uploading of legacy data into your new ODBC compliant database.

Legacy Data Search and Storage Solution
When you purchase a new database system you may wish to “turn off” your legacy system, without having to migrate all the data into the new system. Using SpeedTrack you simply write the Legacy data off to text files and then use SpeedTrack to perform queries and generate reports. A SpeedTrack implementation can perform standardized as well as ad-hoc queries and analysis and export data from both the legacy and the new database through a single interface, replicating and customizing reports as required.

Legacy Retirement System

Success Stories

Alternative to Migrating From Legacy Databases

Two major police departments were updating their databases to a new, modern, third party database. Faced with the expensive and often unsatisfactory transfer of 20 years or more of legacy data, they chose not to move the old data, but to use the GIA alternative. This solved the problem for them and provided, as an additional bonus, uniquely powerful search, analysis, and reporting capabilities for all the data. These features are used with both the old databases and the new third party one, individually and combined. No need to migrate the legacy data, or to continue to maintain the old databases. Additional tools provided by SpeedTrack allow users to continue to edit the old data.

Merging 8 Disparate Databases without a Warehouse
Disparate databases were limiting the use of a major police department’s crime and employee data. SpeedTrack, using its GIA system, merged the data from all the databases. This enabled the installation of SpeedTrack’s ERMS system with its powerful search, analysis and reporting features. The original databases continue to be used with periodic updates to the GIA system.