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Law Enforcement

Truly effective law enforcement agencies are those that recognize their performance is best measured by assessing the results they achieve (outcomes) rather than the activities (inputs) they are engaged in. Yet, most departments continue to place great emphasis on measuring basic police activity (arrests, calls, citations, etc.) and mistakenly view these as being an indicator of effectiveness or success. Additionally, when these activities are inadvertently misdirected or poorly focused they become very costly as they result in significant inefficiencies and lost productivity.

Arguably, the reduction of criminal activity and maintenance of social order are considered the ultimate measures of police performance and effectiveness. Police management must therefore be able to ensure that the efforts and activities undertaken by individual officers and work units are directly tied to the agency’s goals and that these can then be accurately assessed via the performance metrics that are employed. This process logically begins with the ability to capture detailed summaries of all ongoing activity. It also requires the ability to conduct timely and meaningful analyses of the data and the application of fact-based decisions so as to develop suitable strategies and tactics that are responsive to the unique and ever-changing circumstances that influence crime. SpeedTrack’s software system provides those features and more.

Through the use of SpeedTrack, the department can improve the ability to drill down into all calls for service and officer activities to examine variables and influences that are often overlooked or unrecognized due to various limitations associated with existing CAD and RMS systems. SpeedTrack will assist the Police Department in better identifying and dealing with underlying factors that contribute to crime and disorder, the concentration of problems that exist in particular areas, and can help promote the development of strategies and deployment of tactics to achieve the desired reductions in crime and service demands. The system capabilities improve timely feedback on to the effectiveness of your strategies as well as data which can help establish the return on your investment (ROI), which can be measured as a function of the outcomes and costs (crime reduction and officer time).

Our CRIMes product provides law enforcement with an innovative crime analysis and investigative software application which securely links data systems, permitting real-time query for immediate issue resolution. Our Employee Records Management / Early Warning System help significantly improve department operational performance, reduce risk by early identification of problem officers, supervision and training deficiencies.