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Jerzy Lewak

Co-Founder, Inventor and CTO
Seriel entrepreneur and Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering UCSD.
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Dr. Lewak is the co-founder, inventor and the Chief Technology Officer of SpeedTrack. He is responsible for scientific research, product development and Intellectual Property development and management. In addition to CTO responsibilities, Dr. Lewak’s contributions to SpeedTrack include technological breakthroughs in the areas of contextual search and guided navigation, the creation of many awarded and pending patents, and the design and development of the Guided Information Access Platform (GIA™) based on company’s patents.

Dr. Lewak’s distinguished career spans decades of educational, business and scientific contributions in the areas of physics and software and hardware technology with authorship of numerous scientific publications in the areas of theoretical plasma physics, optical computing and Guided Information Access. Dr. Lewak’s contributions to the software and computer science industries includes the creation of over a dozen consumer products and the invention of many patented computer science methods that are widely used in the commercial marketplace. He continues the evolution of these methods leading to more innovations and breakthroughs in information discovery.

Dr. Lewak started his teaching career as an Associate Research Scientist at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. Dr. Lewak is currently a professor emeritus at the University of California at San Diego where he also lectured in Electrical and Computer Engineering for 25 years. Prior to SpeedTrack, Dr. Lewak founded Nisus Software in 1984, where he served as CEO and President. NISUS WRITER, the flagship product, is a high-end word processor for the Mac and is currently sold worldwide.

Dr. Lewak holds a Ph.D. and a BSc. in Theoretical Physics from University of Manchester, England.