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Determine how practices and providers compare in terms of expenditures and utilization in accordance with risk scores across the care continuum.


Identify the patients (sorted by relative risk and actual utilization patterns) with specific diseases and comorbidities who could benefit from care coordination strategies.

PHDS Value & Benefits

Risk Stratification

Discover the at-risk patients, and their precise correlates that serve as key risk predictors of utilization.

Post-Acute Utilization

Sort the practices and providers with the highest post-acute utilization, readmissions and ED visits, and determine which hospitals and post-acute providers show the highest expenditures and services.

Practice Performance / Attribution

Reduce patient churn by identifying practices with the highest percentage of patients not seen YTD, and which patients should be scheduled immediately.

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Optimize utilization by boosting alignment and preventing leakage across all service lines and providers while identifying specific referral patterns.

SpeedTrack’s California Universal Patient Information Discovery (CUPID) solution revolutionizes the ability to access actionable information from the State’s OSHPD data.

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Access powerful search and analysis capability to find information that helps get answers instantly enabling better decisions. For professionals that require comprehensive access to critical information contained in large, complex data sets, SpeedTrack’s patented technology provides instant direction to every possible answer, leading to valuable insights into your business, competition and market.

California Universal Patient Information Discovery(CUPID) system allows you to navigate, explore and discover answers to your healthcare questions in a wide range of topics within seconds. CUPID contains four years’ worth of patient encounters for all California hospitals, over 64 million patient encounters from over 900 facilities can be easily accessed and analyzed online.

California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning (OSHPD) collects the most comprehensive set of data available on patient encounters at California hospitals. This data includes every inpatient, emergency room and ambulatory surgery encounter for all payer classes, diagnoses, procedures, length of stay, patient demographics and much more. The CUPID application enables users,using only point-and-click, to intuitively perform on the fly discovery of any information and analysis that can be derived from the data. Customers report significant time savings and more importantly, discovery of insights that result in the identification of cost savings and revenue generation opportunities.

Health Care Use Cases

Strategic Planning/Business Development: Successful marketing campaign results in significant contribution to future revenue.

Strategic Planning is an increasingly important function for hospitals in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. In addition to providing trend reports by competitor for every dimension in the data, the CUPID application enables decision makers to explore their market, from every perspective, in real time during planning meetings. In one example, during a planning meeting, a CUPID customer discovered that spinal patients from their market were commuting to hospitals for surgery outside of the area. As a result, they implemented a successful marketing campaign to capture and retain this market segment making a significant contribution to future revenue.

Contract Negotiations: Better reimbursement rates through comparative analytics

More than ever, optimizing reimbursement from health plans is a critical aspect of survival for hospitals. The CUPID application provides Managed Care Directors with the ability to determine the distribution of hospital discharges by health plan and service line for a given market area, and identify trends. This intelligence is a competitive advantage in the negotiation process with the health plans, providing the hospital insight into the coverage by health plan and type of service .

Utilization Comparisons: All What If’s Answered In Minutes

Understanding how your patient populations compare to those of other providers by key metrics (ALOS, CMI, Chronic Conditions, Costs, Age) business line and payer, is critical to sustain competitive advantage and reduce costs. What takes trained analysts days to produce using other solutions, CUPID allows decision makers to access, analyze and share in minutes.

Finding Lost Money: Discovered anomalies which led to investigation of operational practices which resulted in hundreds of thousands in additional billable revenue.

One subscriber using CUPID identified an apparent anomaly in their discharges that led to the correction the cause, enabling a significant increase in annual reimbursements. During a strategic planning session with executive staff, the COO noticed that the CUPID MS-DRG Dashboard was showing a difference in the distribution of discharges by DRG compared to other facilities serving their primary service area. Further investigation determined that some physicians were not including proper documentation for the MS-DRG where warranted. Training was implemented for the physicians on proper case file documentation, resulting in an annual increase in reimbursement revenue.

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CUPID contains four years’ worth of patient encounters for all California hospitals and provides valuable, cost effective competitive information.