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Analytical Access

SpeedTrack solutions enable people throughout your organization to access the information they need to answer the questions that come to mind before, during, and after results are presented, gaining insights that lead to better decisions and innovations. Complex analytics are now done with a few mouse clicks, the hard questions can be answered on-the-fly and reports that usually take hours to generate can be done in minutes.

We make information contained in data accessible through an intuitive user interface which empowers people to augment their curiosity, enabling them to ask questions of their own making and design, on the fly, while inspiration and discovery are flourishing. Instant interactive feedback keeps feeding the curiosity and more questions get answered and more discoveries are made.

Our system design and capabilities support technical and non-technical users, augmenting their abilities to work with extensive amounts of structured and unstructured data. This empowers people across your enterprise to find correlations and clusters of information that advance understanding, helping to solve practical and theoretical problems. No programing or code writing skills are required to traverse information contained in your data or to identify and pursue new queries.

If you have multiple database silos that you would like to query and analyze to get all of the "what if" questions answered, identify outliers, trends and produce reports dynamically, SpeedTrack Discovery is the answer. We can also add external data feeds and add them in with your data using BLNDR. We can in most cases implement a solution in less than half the time and cost of competing solution.