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Intelligence Amplification

People not machines can instantaneously recognize key relevant information that is of interest to them, or appears to be abnormal. Such an approach leads to many "Aha" moments, which represent the true value of all search and analysis. The true value is the identification of information that was previously unknown, hidden and unexpected, "You simply don't know what you don't know."

By making information accessible through an intuitive user interface we empower people to augment their curiosity, enabling them to ask questions of their own making and design, on the fly, while inspiration and discovery are flourishing. No need for specialized IT training, mastering querying languages, or other typically restrictive and limiting skills or preparations.

Our patented technology can be deployed rapidly across any size enterprise, anywhere in the world to deliver actionable results on your time schedule. We get you operational in a matter of weeks not months.

SpeedTrack offers a suite of integrated solutions, empowering users to create interactive models which draw upon all of the data that is available in their system. Simple models that include all types of data including, a person, organization or real world objects identified by data can easily grow into more complex models which lead to sophisticated analyses that is then simplified to deliver a more modular process.

With SpeedTrack, analyst and users at all levels gain greater independence and empowerment to apply their Intelligence and imagination due to the simplicity and speed upon which they can test their logic, explore new hypotheses, and share their findings with influencers and decision-makers. With SpeedTrack, each stakeholder has the latest information and insights needed to update their positions, often leading to a deeper and more informed line of questions along with more than a few aha moments. With a better informed and smarter organization everyone wins and the winning just keeps on